joanne-maalderinkHi there, my name is Joanne! A young fashion stylist from the Netherlands. Creative-minded and down to earth. I’m available for editorial, commercial, show, product and personal styling. Looking forward to our collaboration!

assistant Anat Dychtwald (Tommy Hilfiger Pre styling MSW)
assistant Moïbe Cosster (Maandag, Aegon, LG and Marktplaats)
assistant Caroline Fuchs (Harper’s Bazaar shopbazaar)
assistant Soraya Basiran (O’Neill lookbook)

Cake,, Neverlazy, Institue, Hoop Doop, Get Inspired, Flanelle, Elegant, Linger, deFUZE and Going Dutch (AWC The Hague) magazine.

United Wardrobe, YF&MART eyewear, Marina Murasheva, Elements of Freedom, Con Grazia

Another Academy Amsterdam (2014-2015)
Nederlandse Beautyschool Rotterdam (2013-2014)